P.O. BOX 460 Lefferts Station, Brooklyn, NY 11225

Revival Week/Semaine de Renouveau Spirituel

There will be a week of Spiritual Revival at Eben-Ezer Haitian Baptist Church of Brooklyn from Sunday, May 12, 2013 to Sunday May 19, 2013, 7pm-9:30pm. The Church is located at 1058-60 President Street, Brooklyn, NY 11225 (Corner of Bedford Avenue), Tel. (718) 773-3054. The Guest-Speaker/Preacher is Rev. Graham Exantus. That Revival week has been planned by the Association of Missionary Women of Eben-Ezer Haitian Baptist Church of Brooklyn, as they celebrate their Anniversary of Foundation on 5/19/2013. That week is expected to be rich in spiritual blessings. You are all invited. Bring your entire family with you, and invite some friends to come. They won’t regret it. Please, mark your calendar! Don’t miss it!

Theme: “Benediksyon Pou Moun Ki Jwen Plas Yo Nan Sal Nos-la”
Matthieu 25:10; Apocalypse 19:9.

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