P.O. BOX 460 Lefferts Station, Brooklyn, NY 11225


Mission Statement


Considering the purpose of the Christian Church, which is to witness for Christ and spread the Good News of Eternal Salvation in Jesus-Christ; Considering the urgent spiritual need of today’s world; Considering the importance of Christian unity among the local churches in order to efficiently carry out the great commission; Considering the imperative duty of the local churches to support one another both spiritually and financially, a group of local churches and individuals in the City of New York have joint their efforts and founded an evangelical organization named “Actionvangélique/Evangelistic Action” with the purpose of spreading the good news of eternal salvation in Jesus-Christ.

“Action Evangélique/Evangelistic Action” is an independent and non-for-profit organization composed of local churches, Pastors, and Believers of various protestant denominations and beliefs.

All members of the organization must adhere to and comply with its mission, rules, and regulations in order to hold official and permanent membership.

The organization is also entrusted with the moral responsibility to provide spiritual guidance, financial and social support to its members at all times. Given the precarious and deteriorating financial situation of our motherland, Haiti, and its great spiritual and social needs as well, “Action Evangelique” will extend its activities in the impoverished nation to reach out to the unfortunate people and the lost souls.

Action Évangélique