P.O. BOX 460 Lefferts Station, Brooklyn, NY 11225



President/Executive Secretary
Rev. Graham Exantus
is an Associate Pastor at Ebenezer Haitian Baptist Church of Brooklyn where he is the Head of the Sunday School Department. Rev. Exantus is an Itinerant Preacher, a Bible Teacher, a Family Counselor, and a Lecturer. Rev. Exantus is also a Human Services Professional with a specialization in Social and Community Services.

Executive Vice-President
Rev. Gesner Bienne
is the founder and Senior Pastor of “Eglise Baptiste Calvaire de Brooklyn”, located at 175 Remsen Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11212. He is a humble and faithful Servant of the Lord, a devoted Shepherd who cares dearly about his flock. Rev. Bienne is a skilled Preacher of the Gospel of Jesus-Christ who strongly believes that the Church must evangelize the World and win souls for Christ. Rev. Bienne is also the Chairperson of the Evangelization Committee at “Action Evangelique”. He is a remarkable team player and a gifted leader.

Communications and Public Relation
Rev. Bishop Jacques C. Adrien
is the founder and Senior Pastor of “Eglise La Vérité de Sion” located at 8315 Flatlands Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11236. Bishop Adrien is also the Overseer of two other churches in Brooklyn and Connecticut. Bishop Adrien is an energetic and opinionated Preacher of the Gospel and a skilled leader. He is also the Chairperson of the Fundraising Committee at “Action Evangelique”. Bishop Adrien is a devoted Servant of the Lord and an exceptional team player.

Recording Secretary
Rev. Amos Sam
is the Senior Pastor at “Eglise Baptiste Source de Vie” located at 996 Rutland Road, Brooklyn, NY 11212. Rev. Sam is a humble, faithful, and devoted Servant of the Lord and a great team player.

Rev. Raynold Clerzias
is the Senior Pastor of “Eglise Baptiste Maranatha de Brooklyn” located at 1128 Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11225. Rev. Clerzias is a humble and devoted Servant of the Lord, a true Shepherd who cares so much about his flock. He is also a great team player.

Chairman of Board
Rev. Dr. Ramino Olivier
is the Senior Pastor at “Eglise Baptiste Haitienne Eben-Ezer de Brooklyn” located at 1058-60 President Street, Brooklyn, NY 11225. Rev. Olivier has a long pastoral career and has been in the ministry for over 56 years. He is a humble and faithful Servant who dedicates his life to serving others, helping those who cannot help themselves. He is a true and compassionate Servant of the Lord with a loving and caring heart. Rev. Olivier is also a Bible Teacher, a Counselor, and a Christian Missionary.

Board of Directors: Rev. Ramino Olivier, Rev. Graham Exantus, Rev. Gesner Bienne, Rev. Jacques Carlo Adrien, Rev. Raynold Clerzias.